Strategy Formulation and Scenario Planning

Multi-dimensional issues emerging simultaneously from economic, environmental, health, and social crisis is threatening our planet, lives, and livelihoods, and influencing businesses’ performance, growth, and future in an unprecedented way.

Sustained success can’t be ensured if we fail to anticipate a wider range of possible futures, analyze the consequences of today’s actions and decisions and consider alternative ways to respond to the situations.

Scenario planning aims to define our critical uncertainties and develop plausible scenarios in order to discuss the impacts and the responses to give for each one of them. It provides us with Stories of the Future at the Global, National, Regional and Sub-regional level and helps to build a range of strategic options to use when a trigger event happens.

Scenario Development & Option Testing Process

Solutions under Scenario Planning and Strategy Formulation

How We Do It - Our Approach

How We Add Value To Your Business

A successful business strategy is a robust blend of imagination and a dynamic collaborative rhythm activated by clear, cohered intent. We work with clients to ignite their inherent creativity, combine it with the analytics, and design their future success by:

  • Revitalizing and harnessing the collective imagination in the organisation
  • Redefining Industry Landscapes
  • Re-energizing Revenue Models
  • Reinvigorating legacy products and services; i.e. from safety to safely

Our Differentiated Approach: We use the power of engagement, conversation and design to help leaders convert complexity into strategic advantage.