Business and Culture Transformation

Business Transformation and building a favorable culture to sustain a transformed business seek a multifaceted approach consisting of a tailored mix of business assessments, organizational design, change management, and leadership development.

By integrating our business framework model with the required engagement, strategy, capability, safety, and risk approaches, we accelerate the shift required to realize business transformation goals.

We have tested and strengthened our approach by leading complex change locally and internationally, across many industries.

The Framework

Our Business Framework facilitates strategic design supported by a capable organization, and a management framework to ensure work is executed effectively and safely.

In creating an effective organization, we need to work at the organizational and individual levels simultaneously. GRIP experts have had considerable experience in helping companies achieve higher levels of performance through their approach to building effective organizations. Our purpose for organizational design is to “future proof” an organization and enhanced its agility and responsiveness to emerging opportunities and risks.

Our Business Framework is an integrated leadership and management model that provides context, purpose and guidance for Business Transformation programs.

Our ability to transform businesses and change cultures allows us to facilitate work with your organization from strategy formulation through system co-design to work execution.

How we do it

How we add value to your business

GRIP’s innovative Transformation Programs deliver:

  • Strategies: To achieve wider business improvements and organizational change, our pragmatic strategic approach supports leaders in the business transformation process
  • Business Improvement Framework: An integrated leadership and management model that provides context, purpose and guidance for Business Transformation programs. It aligns the people, productivity and financial goals of the organization
  • A paradigm shift in health and safety performance

Tools and Approach

Day in the Life (DiLo)

The “Day in the Life” is a multi-dimensional diagnostic informing an organization’s current capability, capacity, views and attitudes about business transformation. It is also valuable in accelerating engagement and a sense of ownership in program activities.

Hearts & Minds™ - (GRIP's modified version)

The Hearts and Minds™ methodology of Safety Culture Maturity Evolution (James Reason’s and Hudson) propose that the safety culture of an organization evolves through five stages, being Pathological, Reactive, Calculative, Proactive and Generative. GRIP’s modified version uses the five stages of Uncontrolled, Responsive, Calculative, Upbeat and Conversational.