How we do it

Our Approach

At GRIP Global we have developed a thorough approach to identifying and assessing climate risks honed by upwards of 30 years’ combined experience in our team helping clients adapt to climate challenges.

Our approach is based on assessing your assets and business and how they can adapt to a changing world. It employs a systematic approach (illustrated alongside) to develop company-specific scenarios which will challenge your assumptions and provide you an opportunity to better identify risks and business strategies.

We envisage the approach as a cycle, to be repeated at regular intervals to improve the resilience of strategies.

We will perform selective stress testing of ESG related events (incl. climate change) on the organization's capital and/or liquidity.

How is this better?

Using publicly available scenarios results in a ‘one-size fits all’ approach which does not directly address your business, and necessitates significant assumptions to assess business impact.
Using custom-built scenarios provides relevant and challenging perspectives, which facilitate your understanding and encourage the development of flexible strategies, that can be modified or reinforced with the passage of time.

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