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Subject Matter Expert and Sr. Technical; Strategy; and Risk Advisor

Kim “KD” Auclair

Experience & Activities

Key Experience & Activities 


Mr. Kim “KD” Auclair; a former member of the US Nuclear Navy; has more than 47 years of professional experience in the resolution of problems or capitalization upon opportunities presented.  As a professional whom has provided subject matter expertise and consultative council to governments domestic and foreign [21 countries / 6 continents]; the Fortune 50 and Global 500 corporations whom support them; and the Tier 1 – 3 contractors whom in turn support them ….. as well as to members of the Investment Banking; VC; Family Office; Sovereign; and institutional and Syndicated money communities; he continues to provide high quality and value-added professional service. 

He has served in and/or supported governments domestic and foreign; as well as major corporations in addressing all aspects of a range of market sectors inclusive of but not limited to: 

  • Naval Nuclear Propulsion & Naval Shipyard Operations; aerospace; nuclear; marine; environmental; biological; chemical; defense / warfare theater operations; construction; mining and metals; energy [nuclear; fossil; hydro; alternative – solar; wind; battery energy storage; biomass; OTEC; etc.]; agriculture & precision agriculture; biotech/genetics/pharma; sustainability [all three pillars]; security – inclusive of C6ISR [command, control, communications, computers, cyber-defense, combat systems, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance]; advanced technology and robotics in extreme environments; and other public and private market sectors.  

In this service, notable was his tenure as Chief Engineer of Advanced Technology, Data Visualization, Extreme Environment Operations and Risk Management for Bechtel Corporation’s R&D group, serving all global business units on a domestic and international basis; as well as his service in all but a few of the US Government agencies and organizations.  He has been a guest lecturer at universities with the most recent lecture at the Oklahoma University Center for Intelligence and National Security; “Risk Management Utilizing COTS, GOTS, MOTS in ISR Platforms and Drones / UAVs for Border and Critical Infrastructure Security”. 

For more than 4.5 decades I have been a senior technical; strategy; and risk management advisor developing; driving; and enabling significant transformation for the various government agencies and organizations; as well as the private sector businesses and Industries whom I have supported. Fully 25% or more of these efforts have been in direct support of US Naval Nuclear propulsion systems full life-cycle activities. 


Professional Skills 

Kim is an executive level professional – with extensive field experience – trained in:  

  • Naval Nuclear Propulsion Systems, Operations, Maintenance, Modification, Defueling, Refueling, Commissioning, Decommissioning, NSSS support, Deactivation, etc. 
  • Naval Shipyard organizational structure, operations, integration with the community and first responders for security and incident response, monitoring, control, and recovery 
  • Radiological and other Emergency Management / First Response / Catastrophic Event Response Training 
  • project and program management 
  • technology RDDT&E 
  • technology risk assessments and maturation planning 
  • the application of Sustainable Design; Six Sigma; Design for Six Sigma; LEAN; and AGILE principles and other process improvement and applied risk reduction methodologies 
  • ESG Strategies 
  • Safety Audits 
  • Systems Engineering and Integration 
  • Process Development and Implementation 
  • Risk & Incident Management 
  • Cultural & Business Policy, Program and Project Development, Implementation and Reviews 
  • Governance 
  • Strategic Programs and Stakeholder Conversations 


  • Senior Manager / SME Advisor with experience establishing and assisting in implementing major safety transitions in military commands, government operations, and corporate execution. 
  • Senior Manager / SME Advisor with nuclear design and operations, materials handling, waste and decommissioning strategies, quality assurance, training, and regulatory implementation. 
  • Senior Manager / SME Advisor with experience in assessing nuclear strategies tested for their robustness against multiple future scenarios that are decades in implementation as well as central government and corporate transitions to assure success and relevance in the presence of significant policy shifts. 
  • Senior Manager / SME Advisor with experience in developing policies that integrate the best of public-private partnerships in the pursuit of long-term operations. 
  • Senior Manager / SME Advisor with nuclear, engineering, and operational training experience establishing and supporting the implementation of strategies, policies, and procedures to ensure a workforce of highly qualified specialists required to staff nuclear, defense, and engineering needs over decades of demand.   
  • Extensive US Shipyard experience, which includes combined conventional, advanced, and nuclear vessel routine, special and complex overhaul, commissioning, and decommissioning experience. 


US Navy, (1973 – 1979) 


Graduated in the upper ½ of 1% of Machinist Mate [Plant Engineering and Operations]; the upper ½ of 1% of Naval Nuclear Power School; the upper ½ o 1% of Naval Nuclear Power Prototype Training; Selected for direct assignment as N Instructor at Prototype; Graduated in the upper ½ of 1% of Naval Nuclear Engineering Laboratory Technician School; Engineering Laboratory Technician and Supervisor / Machinist Mate, (1973 – 1979) – graduated #2 in my class; E-6 eligible for E-7 at discharge; one of only two senior enlisted crew qualified for and allowed to stand Officer watch’s in Engineering. 


Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, Bremerton, Wa., (December 1980 – December 1985) 


Senior Physical Science Supervisor, Bremerton, Wa., (1980 – 1985) 



Major Projects 

Relevant Technical Experience  

KD Auclair & Associates, LLC (7/07 – Present) 

KD Auclair & Associates  (92 – 07) 

Auclair & Associates  (79 – 92) 

Bechtel Corporation (85 – 92), (99 – 07) 

Puget Sound Naval Shipyard (79 – 85) 

United States Navy (73 – 79) 


In this service, notable was his tenure in the US Navy and at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard [PSNS].  Also notable was his tenure as Chief Engineer of Advanced Technology, Data Visualization, Extreme Environment Operations and Risk Management for a Fortune 50 Company’s R&D group, serving all global business units on a domestic and international basis, as well as in service of [all but a few of the] US Government agencies and organizations.  Additional notable projects have included Three-Mile Island, Chernobyl, the first and second Gulf wars, the Exxon Valdez incident recovery, special projects at Savannah River, Idaho National Engineering Lab, LANL, Accelerator Production of Tritium (APT), ITER and other fusion devices, Sandia, NSF, the National Academy of Science, and for the last 16 years at Hanford, to name a few.