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James Voss

Experience & Activities

Experience and Activities




Undertaking any nuclear project is daunting. The integration of safety, stakeholder concerns, long-term schedules, billion dollar budgets and significant uncertainties is endemic to such work. Safety must come first and all other things must be secondary.

Defining “success” is strategically the most significant outcome. Often the pressures of the moment detract from clearly understanding what must be accomplished. Identifying the major risk and opportunity events, then having a strategy to either mitigate bad outcomes or to exploit good outcomes – these are essential elements of strategic planning and analysis.

I’ve been privileged to work in over 45 countries so far, supporting governments and major corporations in undertaking very long-term initiatives. The nuclear aspect of the work adds challenges and rewards.


Professional Skills

· Strategic Planning

· Nuclear Safety Culture Strategies and Programs

· Nuclear Engineering

· Quality Assurance

· Corporate Governance



· Chairman of the Board: MRP Systems Ltd (UK); Terra Verde Group (US and UK)

· Managing Director: Lucote Pty Ltd

· Managing Director: Pangea Resources Pty Ltd (Australia)

· Managing Director: International Waste Planning Services Ltd (Spain)

· Executive Office of the President of the United States under Presidents Carter and Reagan

· Principal and Vice President: Golder Associates Inc.



· B.Sc. Nuclear Engineering University of Arizona

· M.Sc. Nuclear Engineering University of Arizona

· Chartered Engineer (UK)

· Fellow, Royal Institute of Nuclear Engineers (UK)

· European Engineering (EurIng; EU)

· Fellow, Institute of Engineers Australia