A major Asia-Pacific refiner wanted to re-examine its long-term strategy in the context of a government-mandated push to decarbonize the country’s energy demand.

Services Provided

  • Analysis of trends in demand for refined products (gasoline, diesel and aviation spirit) in the refiner’s home and export markets to identify risks and opportunities given the company’s business profile
  • Determination of critical uncertainties and development of de-carbonization scenarios
  • Evaluating the long-term strategic plan and identifying strategies to progressively reduce the carbon foot-print of the business


The project helped to prepare a de-carbonization road-map for the refinery to adapt to a world that is increasingly carbon conscious, and to formulate a business diversification plan.

Project Details

  • Category: Strategy
  • Client: Oil & Gas Refinery
  • Location: India
  • Year Of Completion: 2018
  • Project Value: $6mil